Scotty has the cold cases spirit

Created on January 30, 2008 - 12:24
Philly PD Headquaters

Stillman : '64? That's back when patrol cars were red.

Lilly : Mm. Random street murder. Assigned detectives are both dead.

Scotty : A gay bashing outside a bar that don't exist anymore.

Stillman : Any you have three civilian interviews.

Lilly : Sounds like a winner, huh?

Scotty : We got a shot.

Stillman : Joined the patron saints of lost causes?

Scotty : Ain't lost if I'm looking for it.

Stillman : Whoo, got him to drink the Kool-Aid?
(Scotty is sneering)
So where you two gonna start?

Lilly : Crime scene.

Scotty : Queen Village.

Lilly : That cracks him up.

Stillman : Take Jeffries. Maybe he remembers the bar.

Lilly : Someone saw what happened.

Stillman : Someone always does, Lil.

Scotty : So we'll fine'em. Knock on doors. Ask neighborhood people. Someone'll remember our guy.

Stillman : Another optimist.
(Lilly has a wide ear to ear grin)