Scotty Valens

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Scott Valens
Homicide Detective since 2003
Badge Number 9136
Born circa 1975

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Scotty and Lilly talk about Moe's death

Time comes, Lil... I might need you to have my back, too.
Partners, right?

Scotty learns what happened to his mother

Valens: Belen... There are other women he's done this to. Women like you.
Belen: You've spoken to them?
Valens: I... I know... What he did to you.

Scotty and Nicky at Christina's bar

But what you can't do? Is Rush's sister. You know what I mean? (...) Hey, Scotty. Serious. Anyone but that, right?

Scotty wants to get back to work

Stillman: I didn't suspend you Scotty. I encouraged you to take time off.
Scotty: I'd like you to encourage me to come back.

Jeffries wants to know how Scotty is doing

Listen, Scotty, I, uh- Just wanted to say when my wife died... Well, I've been where you've been.

Lilly and Agent Yates Exchange Barbs through Scotty

Diane Yates and Lilly Rush get off to a rocky start:

What's it like working with the Bleach Queen?
The bigger issue is, Cougar Town won't let me in on what the Feds' interest in this case is.

Scotty and Josie's last scenes together

Sutton: Every guy I’ve ever worked with... Cops. You guys. You guys mess around. You get around. You said it about yourself.
Valens: Yeah, I’ve made mistakes.
Sutton: And whatever you did, no one gives you the up and down in the office, like you don’t deserve to be here.

Scotty and Lilly's fight

Fine, Scotty, but horning it out with cocktail waitress won't bring back your dead girlfriend.

Christina tells Scotty why she and Lilly do not get along

- Why do you two don't get along so bad?
- There was a thing with her fiance.

Lilly and John Smith

You still haven't told me what gets you out of bed, Detective.

Scotty Valens is Lilly's new partner and he's been pretty obnoxious during his first case:
first he ignores Lilly, then seems to downlook cold cases (Cold cases, I don't know... I like being out on the street.) and her previous partner (Gotta weed out the weak ones.), brags about his previous work at West and his car knowledge (You know a lot about cars ? - everything), shows off a lot of girls (so called"informant"), giving obvious tips to old homicide cops, screws up his interviews redaction, and finally is way too aggressive when interviewing the witnesses.

Scotty Valens is doing much better this time around : he is motivated (So we'll fine'em. Knock on doors. Ask neighborhood people. Someone'll remember our guy.) & funny (Do you know how to deliver a baby? - I can learn anything), at ease with witness (Did you kill him ? I mean, that would solve our case ;-) and he makes Lilly laugh several times (blind policeman story and Vera should be finding true love right about now). He makes her cringe once, though : he's only misstep is with Tinkerbell (I'm just wondering, if you're getting beaten up 'cause you dress like a woman, and you don't wanna get beat up, why not stop dressing like a woman?).

Scotty Valens is playing lottery every day (- You waste your money on the daily numbers? - Every morning. - Five bucks down the drain. - I don't got dependents. I can afford it.).
He is really excited by the idea of a serial killer cold case (A serial job don't get you hopped up just a little, boss?).
He understands perfectly the hitchhiker victim (I could win ten grand over there, I still ain't paying a cabbie 300 bucks to drive me home.).
He forced an innocent into a confession (threatening his kid) and is pissed when Stillman and Lilly wants to continue the investigation (Don't take a tone / I was just about to say that to you.) but eventually goes to apologize to the Russian at the end.

Scotty Valens seems to know a lot about Schizophrenia. I know someone.

Scotty Valens on a phone with an "Elisa" : Oh, I gotta jet, Elisa. I'm gonna try to come this week. Can't promise anything, but best effort. Bye.

Scotty Valens was born in the 70s.
Lilly meets Elisa, Scotty's girlfriend.
Well, she's not a hundred percent healthy. Doctor calls it a... a thinking disorder.

Elisa meets Jeffries and calls him a "giant". Scotty becomes touchy when one speaks about her.

Scotty's finally opening up to Lilly about Elisa. He's been with her since they were kids. She is schizophrenic.

Scotty Valens brings Elisa to first Thursdays.

Stillman : So how's Elisa?
Scotty : Good. She liked meeting you. Coming to first Thursdays.
Stillman : She someone serious?
Scotty : We were engaged.
Stillman : Yeah.
Scotty : Before everything happened.
Stillman : Well, maybe you'll get it back.
Scotty : I'm hoping.

Scotty Valens about Elisa : she was doing so good, and then I don't know. I don't know what's happening.
According to Lilly, Elisa has been out of the hospital for one or two months.
Elisa has disappeared and just left a message on a mirror : "The Giants Came Back".
Stillman Scotty, is she okay?
Scotty : Uh, she's... gone.
Stillman What?
Scotty : She's not anywhere. Not any of the places she goes to when she gets... you know, like this. Library, the park, her sister's. All day, I'm driving. I can't find her.
Stillman Scotty, call it in, get some help.
Scotty : I can't call it in. They'll make her go back, and I promised her she'd, she'd never have to go back. I promised. I... I can't do that to her.
Stillman All right. It's going to be all right.
Scotty : Playing stick ball on my block. That's the first time I seen her. 14 years old. Oh, man... just kicking it on a hot summer night. That's the only place Elisa ever felt... normal, you know? I got to find her.
Scotty finds her at that place. She says that the meds are not working. She decides to go live with her sister.

Scotty Valens and Det. Anna Mayes know each other from West.
Scotty : Hey, Anna.
Anna Mayes : The big time looks good on you.
Lilly : Anna says all your old CIs still ask after you.
Scotty : Is that right?
Anna Mayes : They miss the steak dinners particular.

Vera : You still seeing that girl?
Scotty : Elisa? Nah.
Vera : What happened?
Scotty : Nothing. Just, uh, time to move on.
Vera : So you're back in the hunt?
Scotty : Uh... I guess.
Vera : Well, a couple of nurses at st. Joe's, up for a night out.
Scotty : Your wife coming?

Stillman : You talking to Elisa at all?
Scotty : She's back in the hospital.
Stillman : Oh, I didn't know, Scotty.
Scotty : It's a circle game. She's sick and better, and for a while you're hoping and then it starts again.
Stillman : Yeah.
Scotty : I just can't go round and round with her any more.

Scotty Valens pays a visit to Elisa in Western Psychiatric.

Scotty : When'd you first hear?
Lilly : About AIDS? I guess high school.
Scotty : I got the talk from a nun at Saint Francis. That's something you don't forget. (...) When Brother Donely died of it, it really hit home.

Scotty seems interested in Christina, Lilly's sister:
Scotty : Hey, your sister still in town?
Lilly : How'd you know she's my sister?
Scotty :I talked to her.
Lilly : I don't recommend that too much.

Scotty meets Christina by chance in front of Philly PD Headquarters:
Christina : You know, you dress way better than the average cop.
Scotty :That ain't saying a lot.
Christina : No, guess not. Your girlfriend pick out your clothes?
Scotty :No, I don't have a girlfriend. I mean, I used to. She's in the hospital right now.
Christina : Sorry.
Scotty :She's okay. She's getting out.
Christina : That's good.
Scotty :Well, even though, we're not really together anymore.
Christina : I work at the Mcginty's tavern, if you ever want a free beer.
Scotty :Yeah, okay.
Christina : See ya.

Stillman tells Scotty that they found Elisa in the Schuykill. Apparently she jumped from the bridge.
Scotty :No, she's scared of heights and she was getting better.
Det Anna Mayes gives Scotty the suicide note Elisa left for Scotty on her bed.

Scotty doesn't return Lilly's call but wants to work the case anyhow. He is suspended after beating the cult leader Maurice Warfield:

Maurice Warfield : Suicide's for cowards. Matthew was brave.
Scotty :Talk more about that.
Maurice Warfield : What? Suicide? Well. It's a screw you to the world. I never really loved any of you.
Scotty :Is that right? (...) What else does it proof?
Maurice Warfield : Defective thinking. Narcissism. And that the so-called loved ones have failed.

Scotty is in denial and does not believe it was suicide.

Will Jeffries pays a visit to Scotty but he doesn't seem to want to talk to him.
Listen, Scotty, I, uh- just wanted to say when my wife died... Well, I've been where you've been.(...) So, if you ever want to talk...

Scotty Valens goes to see Stillman:
Scotty :Well, I was hoping the uh-, suspension could be lifted...early.
Stillman : I didn't suspend you Scotty. I encouraged you to take time off.
Scotty :I'd like you to encourage me to come back.
But Stillman doesn't think he's ready yet and tells him to come back to work in a week.

Scotty and Nick Vera have a drink at Christina's bar:
Scotty :You're telling me how happy I'm back. Not asking how I'm doing. Thanks for that.
Vera : When the hard stuff happens, I say walk it off anyway you can. Whatever.
Scotty :You're the goods, Nicky.
Vera : But what you can't do? Is Rush's sister. You know what I mean?
Scotty :Oh, what do you think? What are you talking about?
Vera : Hey, Scotty. Serious. Anyone but that, right?

In the closing montage, Scotty leaves the bar with Christina.

Scotty lies to Lilly about Christina:
Lilly : I hear you went to Christina's bar.
Scotty : Yeah? From who?
Lilly : From her.
Scotty : Me and Nicky went for a couple of beers. Not like we knew she was working there. (...) I ain't interested in your sister, Lil.
Lilly : Good. 'Cause she's a train wreck.
Scotty : Okay.
Lilly : And she didn't hit on you?
Scotty : No.

After Nick Vera strongly recommends him to break it off with Christina, Scotty goes to her :
Scotty : Chris. That night, it was a mistake.
Christina : It was?
Scotty : Cuz.. you know.
Christina : No, I don't know.
Scotty : Your sister... It's ill-advised.
Christina : Scotty, I know what this is. You're thinking about Elisa.
Scotty : I can't be anything with anyone right now. Sorry.
Christina : Well. For the record, I'm not.
Scotty : Look, I don't plan on telling Lil.
Christina : Me neither.
But they end up kissing and Christina is in Scotty's bed in the closing montage.

Scotty is still with Christina. He learns what happened between her and Lil.

Scotty is aggressive and smells like a brewery. He forgets to communicate that he located Mathilde Jefferson. Stillman gives him a strong warning.

Scotty Valens interrogates Dante Gutierrez in order to learn if he was involved in Elisa's death.

Dad's Cuban. Mom's Puerto Rican. Grew up about have a mile from here. (in Francisville)

In 1998, Scotty worked undercover for a drug operation conducted by Manny Fernandez. He compromised it by becoming too close to Ana Castilla, a drug mule. During the investigation of Ana's cold case, he also compromised it by omitting to tell that his cover was blown and that he gave her in phone number.

Scotty Valens takes care of a pedophile who was hanging around Veronica's playground. After threatening him, he beats the shit out of him, hurting his hand in the process.

Scotty's brother's name (Mike Valens) came up in the trial of a pedophile.

Scotty Valens visits his brother Mike about a pedophile case. Fitzpatrick was Mike's trainer.
Scotty has a nephew, Emilio, and a niece.

Scotty Valens is contacted by his sister in law Ally who is concerned about her husband Mike. He has been depressed since Scotty's last visit. Scotty tries to talk to him and remembers when they wer kids, the day Mike came back upset from the training.

Scotty Valens confesses to Mike that he saw what happened with Fitzpatrick when they were kids. Mike finally accepts to testify against him after learning the sole witness committed suicide, thus making the pedophile walk free.

Scotty is not a fan of Country music.
He has a one night stand with Charlene in Tennessee.

Back at St. Francis, we got the yard stick.

On Mitch Hathaway, who throw a pedophile off a building :
Why are we going after this guy again? He's performing a public service.

Mitch Hathaway : I read about your brother's case in the paper.

Scotty Valens compromised the case and the life of Cliff Burrell by carelessly giving info to a vigilante.

Scotty and art...
Lilly : Exhibit where visitors write down secrets, put them up on a wall.
Scotty : People pay money for that?
Lilly : Yeah, it's art.
Scotty : If I can make it, it ain't.

Scotty Valens pursues a love-hate relationship with ADA Thomas.
ADA Thomas : Can't handle a strong woman, can you?
Scotty : No, maybe I just don't like you.
ADA Thomas : Broken wing's more your type.
Scotty : You don't know me.

Kat : everyone's talking about you and that ADA.
Scotty : What's to talk about?
Kat : How much you guys "hate" each other.

Scotty about Euthanasia :
Scotty : You know, my granddad had als. Was a boxer, couldn't hold up a spoon in the end.
Lilly : Oh,yeah?
Scotty : Yeah. Suffered for weeks before he died. Still don't know the point of that.
Lilly : Hmm. There's always hope, right?
Scotty : Well,you know you can put down a dog if it's in pain?
Lilly : Or a cat. Yeah.
Scotty : Why not us?

Scotty Valens kills Ed Marterson.

Scotty Valens is questioned by IAD Ari Gordon. He knows about the Burrell case.
Have you ever had counseling for your anger problem?

My dad, he came here from Cuba when he was 15.
My family's from Cuba. Guy named Castro takes over, 1959. Throws anyone who objects in jail or worse. My family's one of the lucky ones. But no matter how long they've been in this country, it still ain't... home. You spend New Year's Eve with any Cuban, you hear them give the toast: "El año que viene en Cuba." "Next year in Cuba." But 1959? You do the math. Been waiting a long time.

Scotty's doing his passive-aggressive attitude because he thinks someone in the squad ratted him out to Gordon. Jeffries straightens things out.

Scotty Valens learns that ADA Thomas ratted him out to IAD and then starts having an affair with her. Yep.

IAD recommends suspension for Scotty.

Scotty Valens is still having an affair with ADA Thomas but just asked her for a first date.
The case tore them apart and it seems in the end that Scotty breaks up with her.

Scotty is personally invested in proving that Nancy Patterson did not commit suicide.
Lilly: This isn't about Elisa... or is it?

Scotty Valens plays softball.
He has a date with lab tech Frankie Rafferty.

Scotty Valens is still dating Frankie Rafferty and taunts Jeffries and Vera about it.

Scotty's car is vandalized by Frankie Rafferty's husband. Scotty confronts her about it but she claims being separated.

Scotty flirts with the TV news reporter Tory Roberts but ditches her for Frankie Rafferty.

Frankie Rafferty ditches Scotty because she and her husband are "giving it another shot".

Scotty abruptly terminates his date with an unknown woman when he learns that Will has been shot.
Shaken up by Will's shooting, Scotty finds confort with Frankie Rafferty.

Scotty has never been to Cuba. He keeps a picture of his grand-father and his brother on his fridge:
- This is my grandfather and his older brother. The revolution split 'em up. One to Philly, the other to Castro's jails. Decades go by. My grandfather gets word from Cuba his brother's dead. A month later, my "abulo" is gone.
- From what ?
- Heart attack. My father, working stiff said, "His heart didn't stop. It broke." What happens in Cuba stays with us.
Scotty has also a bottle of Champagne in his fridge, ready to celebrate Casto's end of dictatorship.

Despite Frankie Rafferty telling him she's divorcing her husband, Scotty decides to end their relationship.

Scotty is visited by his father Ramiro at the precinct because he is worried about his wife Rosa who has been acting weird lately. He invites her to breakfast in order to get her to talk but learns nothing new. He follows her and sees her crying in her car.

Back in 2002 when Scotty was still in Narcotics, he met Alex Caceres whose mother was supposed to testify in a case of his, until she was murdered. In 2004, Scotty arrived late at Alex's hearing, making him feel responsible for his sentencing to 18 months at Havenhurst Academy, where he was found dead later.

Scotty is contacted by his father about missing money on his account. Scotty follows his mom Rosa to a hospital. Rosa denies having any health problem.

Scotty meets with his father in order to learn about his mother's whereabouts on a certain day.

Scotty tries to find someone who might have witnessed something on the night his mother hurt her knee.

Scotty is still trying to contact an "Emil Parker" in order to know what happened to his mother.

Scotty finally manages to interview Emil Parker who saw his mother on the ground of the parking lot on the evening of August 23rd 2009. He watches a surveillance tape from a jewelery store near by and discovers that his mother seems to have been assaulted.

Scotty Valens conctacts Detective Pierson regarding the serial agressions, without mentioning that it concerns his mother. He later tells her that he knows what happened to her that night on the parking lot and wants her to try and identify her attacker, but she cannot help him.

Scotty has lunch with his dad. He finally learnt what happened to Rosa and urges Scotty to drop his investigation. Not surprisingly, Scotty is later seen following potential suspects.

Scotty interviews Belen Hernandez the latest victim of the same attacker of his mother. To his horror, he learns that the victims where not only mugged but also raped.

Scotty lies to provide an alibi to Lilly for the night Moe Kitchener was murdered. He cryptically asks her to have his back too when he will need it.
The psychic Isabel de Luca tells him his mother will be fine but is "not so sure" about him...

Scotty learns from Belen Hernandez where to find the serial rapist. He breaks into his appartment and discovers the IDs of all his victims. Surprised by the man, they have a big fight and a trip down the stairs.

Scotty visits Vera. He brought him a DVD portable player and a few DVDs, among them one of his favorite movies, The Cutting Edge.

Scotty learns from Detective Pierson that his mother's attacker took a 3 to 5 year plea deal and might me free in 18 months.

Scotty visits Hector Cruz in prison. The guy owes him and Scotty wants him to "take care" of a new fish. Then, Scotty purposely visits Jimmy Mota, his mother's attacker among the other inmates, tagging him as a snitch and sealing his death warrant... Mota is later found dead in the shower.

Scotty learns from Detective Pierson that Jimmy Mota, the man who raped her mother, has been found dead.
Scotty had lied to Lil about being contacted by her sister (7x21 Almost Paradise) and after recounting their meeting, he tells Lil about Christina's drug addiction.

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