Lilly Rush

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Lillian Rush
Homicide Detective since 1999
Badge Number 9123
Born circa 1969

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Lilly finally finds Nick

Nick: I mistook cowardice for guilt.
Lilly: It's an honest mistake, Nick.

Scotty and Lilly talk about Moe's death

Time comes, Lil... I might need you to have my back, too.
Partners, right?

Lilly and Agent Yates Exchange Barbs through Scotty

Diane Yates and Lilly Rush get off to a rocky start:

What's it like working with the Bleach Queen?
The bigger issue is, Cougar Town won't let me in on what the Feds' interest in this case is.

Lilly and Elena Bistrong

Karma is a good reason to reopen a cold case!

Scotty and Lilly's fight

Fine, Scotty, but horning it out with cocktail waitress won't bring back your dead girlfriend.

Lilly and John Smith

You still haven't told me what gets you out of bed, Detective.

Lilly has dinner with her dad

You know, she didn't mess it all up. One year, I was six, well, we skipped the Chinese, but not the gin, and... and I helped her walk home, and she was so... sad. Said we didn't have any money for presents, but when we got home, there was this bike on the steps.

Jeffries wakes up at the hospital

Then you're going to work it off. I know your father left, and it's tough times. But I tell you what, I don't care. You're a man now. You got a man's choice. Take this broom and start earning or get ready for the whupping of your young life.

Lilly and Daryl Booker part 2

Booker: I got a theory about you. Why you got it in for me. Because I did for Kara what no man ever did for you.
Rush: You mean lie to her? Pretend you're something you're not?
Booker: Taking interest in her. You didn't have no father, did you?

Lilly and Daryl Booker part 1

Well, you know, I just can't find the right ex-con, drug-dealing smack addict to settle down with.


Lilly Rush is the only female homicide detective in Philadelphia. Her partner is Chris Lassing.
Lilly's white lies (or background stories not yet planned ;-):
Todd : Why did someone like you become a cop?
Lilly : Oh, bad education, limited talent. (smiling)
Todd : You should be married, living the good life.
Lilly : Well, no one ever asked. So here I am working a homicide.
Evelyn, my ex-husband was a mean drunk. I know the difference between a soccer injury and a trip down the stairs. Did your husband beat your daughter ?

I grew up in Kensington.
I take care of my mom, too. She sick in a different kind of way, but, uh, it makes me half crazy sometimes.

I know what it's like to run from who you are...

Lilly Rush has a new partner, Scotty Valens.
I've never been lucky in love either.

Scotty : Familiar territory? (in welfare service)
Lilly : Yeah.
Scotty : You knew that food stamp drill pretty good.
Lilly : Case number 4228. Ellen Rush, two dependents.
Scotty : So your mom was going through bad times.
Lilly : Scotty... there was never a good time.
Scotty : Oh, you're telling me not once did you have fun with your mom?
(which obviously is a lie since we see Lilly watching a tape of her and her mom having fun in the snow in the closing montage)

Vera: Where you going?
Lilly : Pharmacy run.
Vera: Thought your sister was taking care of your mother.
Lilly : AWOL since last week.
Before I was a cop, Sherry, I worked in Questioned Documents. Handwriting Specialist. Board certified.

ADA Jason Kite traps Lilly in an impromptu date. They kiss.

ADA Jason Kite traps again Lilly Rush in an impromptu date. He invites himself over to her place and meets her 2 cats.
Kite : Oh, dear God. (seeing the red cat with one eye)
Lilly : I thought you liked cats.
Kite : Cats, not... mutants.
Lilly : This is Olivia, (showing the red cat)
Kite : Uh-huh.
Lilly : and this is... (taking a white 3 leg cat in her arms)
Kite : Tripod ?

Scotty titillates Lilly about her relationship with ADA Jason Kite :
Lilly : Kite's been in court all day.
Scotty : So ask him tonight.
And then tries to know more :
Scotty : Kite pissed you off, uh? Not fight for the exhumation. It wasn't really his decision though. Or was it something else with Kite pissed you off? I gotta be psychic to get an answer outta you?
Lilly : I, uh, ... might've made a mistake.

Lilly and ADA Jason Kite go dancing.

Lilly gets jealous after seing Kite with another woman.

Lilly and ADA Jason Kite go to the movies together.
He nicknames Lilly's cats Cyclops and Tripod and finally ends up at her place.
She brings him to first Thursdays even if he's not in the "hot squad".

Lindsey Dunlay was Lilly's friend in high school.
Scotty : So, uh, what was she like in high school?
Lindsey: She'll never tell, right? Let's just say Lilly and I never made the year book.
Apparently, people talk about Lilly and Kite's relationship :
Lindsey: So, you want to do girl's night soon?
Lilly : Yeah.
Lindsey: Of course, if you'd rather go fly a kite, I'd understand.
With Sean :
Sean :So you're saying I got no right to want anything in this life?
Lilly : No, no, no, you can have it all. But you're gonna need help.
Sean :How would you know what I need?
Lilly : Because I wanted everything, too. But I was too damned proud to ask for help for way too long.

Lilly Rush feels a special connection with Mark Adams, who went to her place at 3am to talk with her.
Kite is pissed and breaks up with Lilly.
You want save people at 3:00 in the morning, great. God bless. (...) It's just who you are, you know, and-and I admire it. I do. But, uh, I don't wanna live like that.

Lilly Rush meets briefly Kite :
Kite : You regret it?
Lilly : No.
Kite : Me neither.

Lilly Rush: Romance?
Bobbi Olsen :You make do
Lilly Rush: I know about making do. I lost my number one smile, way back.
Bobbi Olsen :I'm sorry.
Lilly Rush: We were gonna move upstate. Live on a farm. Not that I've ever been upstate. I just liked the sound of it. Had this image in my mind, he's out in the field, I'm in the kitchen with my little girl, telling her about the day her daddy sold his motorcycle to buy our wedding bands.
Bobbi Olsen :He sounds special.
Lilly Rush: Been settling for less ever since.
Bobbi Olsen :That's a hard way to live.
Lilly Rush: No. I'm fine. Just don't look me in the eye and tell me you're making do.

Booker : Girl needs a father figure to look up to.
Lilly : Not all girls.
Booker : See you ain't wearing no wedding ring.
Lilly : Well, you know, I just can't find the right ex-con, drug-dealing smack addict to settle down with.
Booker : You got man issues, don't you?
Booker : I got a theory about you. Why you got it in for me. (...) Because I did for Kara what no man ever did for you.
Lilly : You mean lie to her? Pretend you're something you're not?
Booker : Taking interest in her. You didn't have no father, did you?
In the closing montage, Lilly's looking at very old pictures of what seems to be her as a little girl and her dad.

Lilly Rush receives very harshly Christina, her sister, at the Police headquarters.
Christina : I'm going through a bad breakup. I need a place to think things out.
Lilly : What's wrong with New York?
Christina : This guy is... it's not safe in New York.
Lilly : I can't help you, Chris.

Lilly finds Christina in front of her place, at night :
Christina : Cute cats. Kind of tweaked, but...
Lilly : What are you doing here?
Christina : I don't know where to go.
Lilly : Trains to New York are still running.
Christina : I told you, I can't go back.
Lilly : And I told you, you can't stay.
Christina : Lil... it was nine years ago. Can we get over this?
Lilly : I don't know, Chris.
Christina : You have to forgive me sometime.
Lilly : Would you?
Christina : No.
Lilly : Okay.
Christina : Just so you know... I like being back here. So I'll be around.
Lilly : It's a big city.

Knowing there's a serial killer striking, Lilly pays a visit to Christina at at McGinty's Tavern :
Lilly : Classy joint.
Christina : Classy girl. You here to drink? Or bitch?
Lilly : Gimme a vodka orange. Hold the vodka.
Christina : Never did take after mom.
Lilly : Where you staying these days?
Christina : The Y.
Lilly : There's a daybed downstairs. Cats might fight you for it, but...
Christina : What changed your mind?
Lilly : You can't be wandering around like some kinda...
Christina : Some kinda what?
Lilly : You don't know what's out there.
Christina : And you do?
Lilly : Wish I didn't. Sometimes.
Christina : Just till I get something permanent.

George Marks : Then let me tell you something about Lilly Rush. Why you really became a cop. What you've never told a soul.
The bad thing that happened to little Lilly... long, long ago. I read your 49.

Scotty lies to Lilly about Christina:
Lilly : I hear you went to Christina's bar.
Scotty : Yeah? From who?
Lilly : From her.
Scotty : Me and Nicky went for a couple of beers. Not like we knew she was working there. (...) I ain't interested in your sister, Lil.
Lilly : Good. 'Cause she's a train wreck.
Scotty : Okay.
Lilly : And she didn't hit on you?
Scotty : No.

Lilly seems to have make peace with Christina and takes her out for her birthday. She learns that Christina is with Scotty and throws her out.
Christina supposedly slept with Lilly's fiance Patrick 9 years ago.

Lilly and Scotty have a fight regarding his lie about his relationship with Christina.

Vaughn Bubley's 1999 murder was Lilly's first case as a homicide detective. Her partner was Ben Fulcrum.

After my dad left I was mad all the time. Mostly at my mom.

- When I was 19, I took off with a guy 2 weeks into knowin' him. He was a biker, drinker
But I thought this is it. Roll out the carpet, we're goin' down the aisle.
- You didn't go through with it?
- We came close. We were road trippin'. Went to a courthouse in Knoxville and we just sat out there on his bike. Neither one of us could get off.

Lilly's biker, Ray Williams comes back in town for a couple of days.

I hate musicals.

Ellen Rush, Lilly's mom, is getting married for the 4th time and wants Lilly as her maid of honor.
After an argument with her, Lilly drunk diales Jason Kite (leaves a message but hangs up when he picks up).

Lilly Rush feels a special connection with the victim Joseph Shaw, and later compromises the investigation by lying to Scotty and hiding that he's alive.
At the end, Lilly skips first Thursdays and heads to Joseph's farm ;-)

Lilly is in a relationship with Joseph Shaw

Joseph: Who left you, Lil ?
Lilly : What? My dad. I was six.

Ray Williams comes back and asks for help, Lilly refuses.
Joseph says "I love you" and Lilly starts to hide from him.

Ray Williams ends up in the hospital and Lilly visits him :
Ray: Not a lot of people... nobody really,I'd want seeing me like this.
Lilly : You've seen me like this. remember when you made me a milkshake ?
Ray: That was all you could eat. It was a busted jaw.
Lilly : You made a mess of my mom's kitchen.
Ray: It was a mess already.
Lilly : Yeah. Couple of kids ?
Ray: Yeah.
Lilly : Well,I owe you,ray.

With the mother :
Lilly : When my mom was 25, she already had two kids. No money,tiny,dirty place we called home.
Molly: She was on her own ?
Lilly : You know,one time,i remember she brought out all this food from the cabinets, put it out like we were having a party, then she left us, locked the doors for...two days.
Molly: that's a...that's a terrible thing to do to a child.
Lilly : Well,it was better than the alternative. What she might have done, if she hadn't left.

You know, I have a sister, ruby. A real screw up. And no matter how perfect I was, my mom was all about her. It was like I didn't even exist.
Lil says good bye to Ray and gets dumped by Joseph.

Scotty : When were you ever in Knoxville?
Lilly : When I was 19. Almost got hitched there.
Scotty : No kidding?
Lilly : I drove by the courthouse yesterday just to see it again.

Lilly : This one time I'm six years old, in the mall. I stare into the toy store, and I realize my mom's gone. So I go in, play with the toys till someone notices me. Calls her over the loudspeaker, and, uh...she plays it off like she lost me 'cause of the crowds. But I could smell the booze on her breath.
Karen : There a point to this?
Lilly : Some mothers, not really meant to be mothers.

Vera : Who were you in high school, Lil?
Lilly : Definitely not the cheerleader.
Vera : Bad girl no one'd mess with?
Lilly : You could say that.

Lilly gets her mother Ellen Rush out of jail and then takes care of her (clean the appartment, fill up the fridge). She started drinking again.

Ellen Rush is diagnosed with last stage Cirrhosis and moves in Lilly's place.

Lilly can't prevent her mother from drinking.
Ellen was reading "The Velveteen Rabbit" to Lilly.
Do you remember you used to have those bad dreams? I would read to you all night just to calm you down. I was there, Lilly.

The day her mom dies, Lilly Rush is also shot by Ed Marteson.

Lilly's first case after the shooting. John Stillman wants her to get into counselling.

Kat : You got here fast.
Lilly : You, too.
Kat : We've been up all night. What's your excuse?
Lilly : Uh, late night with friends.
Vera : You?
Lilly : What? I got a life.
Vera : Yeah, right.

Lilly Rush starts "counseling" with Dr Penny Davoren.

Lilly is having nightmares.

Lilly is done with her counseling sessions with Dr Penny Davoren.

Lilly is still having nightmares. She thinks that Margheritas are made with Gin ;-)

Eddie Saccardo teaches Lilly the salter trick and they are having fun and appletinis together.

Lilly Rush is apparently seeing Narc detective Eddie Saccardo.

Eddie and Lilly go on a bowling date together. They have to end the relationship because Saccardo is required to do an undercover job.

Will Jeffries and Lilly go roller skating together.

Detective Shep Mack McAvoy: You ever have a case like this? You know, one that sticks with you, doesn't let you rest?
Lilly: Yeah, I...I do. Name's Cooper. And the kicker is he's still out there.

Lilly is tracking a "Paul Cooper".

Lilly is doing some unorthodox meddling with Paul Cooper's mail and lies about it to Scotty.

Lilly finally meets Paul Cooper, her dad. He sent her letters when she was 15 but she never replied.

Lilly and Paul Cooper meet again. She tells him that her mother died and they visit her grave together in the closing montage.

Paul Cooper visits Lilly at PPD after learning that a detective was shot. He gives her a medallion to comfort her.
Lilly shoots at Gabriel Ariza and hits the leg. I don't need an excuse to take you out. I want to. Give me a reason not to.
All the events lead her to a breakdown, alone in the interrogation room.

Lilly is in court with ADA Curtis Bell for the preliminary hearing in the trial of Gabriel Ariza. The shooting of George Marks and her own are brought up by Ariza's lawyer, Ed Rosenthal.

Lilly's car is pushed off a bridge into the river.

In 1976, Paul Cooper had to leave a six year old Lilly with her mother.
In 1980, John Stillman caught the man who attacked Lilly when she was 10.

Lilly testifies at Moe Kitchener"s hearing that he's the one who tried to kill her last May. When he is bailed out, she starts stalking him.
She had 12 stitches in the back of her head from the accident.

Paul Cooper is trying to invite Lilly to dinner in order to meet his new family.
Lilly receives a weird MMS from a blocked number.

Lilly is still dodging dinner with her dad and his family.
She receives 3 more MMS containing pictures of her from a blocked number. She asked for a boot on Moe Kitchener's car. She traces the number back to Eddie Saccardo, whom she has been secretly meeting.

Lilly meets her half brother Finn Cooper and shows him an old picture of their father.

Lilly prevents Kitchener from obtaining a loan and he reciprocates by filing a complaint. She is warned by Stillman.
It seems she is still secretly meeting with Saccardo.

Lilly is familiar with horses because her mother worked at the ticket corner of a racetrack after her dad left.

Lilly and Saccardo celebrate their anniversary. He offers her an untraceable gun.

Saccardo takes Lilly to the shore and gives her an expensive bracelet. Later, when she returns to his apartment, she finds it empty.

Lilly helps his dad bring back Finn who disappeared in Atlantic City. She finally meets Paul's wife Celeste who arranges a very late and last minute meal. The drama ends here!

Lilly continues to stalk Moe Kitchener and makes him arrested for DUI.

Moe Kitchener has filed a criminal complaint against Lilly. She continues to stalk him outside of his favorite bar.

Lilly is interviewed by two state detectives concerning the murder of Moe Kitchener. After Scotty offers to cover for her, she lies about her alibi. Stillman notices and takes her off duty, until Hank Butler comes forward and confesses the murder.

Lilly covers Vera's DUI.

Ryan Cavanaugh convinces Lilly to assist him in an FBI cold case. After some flirting and solving the case together, he also tries to convince her to join the FBI, for a special federal cold case unit.
Lilly's former boyfriend Eddie Saccardo is confirmed to still be undercover.

Lilly's sister Christina had their dad convinced Lilly into meeting with her. She wants to settle down and, because of her records, needs someone to co-sign for an apartment lease. Lilly refuses to help her and is later informed by her father that Christina disappeared and took some jewelery.

This was never cleared before but Christina and Lilly have indeed the same father, Paul Cooper.

In 1978, Paul Cooper came back and took his daughters to the beach.

With Scotty's help, Lilly finds her abducted sister and saves her from her violent abusive boyfriend Cliff Harper. She discovers that Christina has a baby girl.

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