Kat Miller

Created on May 21, 2008 - 15:08
Tracie Thoms

Homicide Detective since 2005
Single mother



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Scotty is Kat's chauffeur

A drunk Kat calls Scotty for help.
Kat : I don't have the time or energy for the game. Bring on the sweatpants.

Vera and Miller fight

Vera : The name of the game is pursuit. You run, I chase.
Kat : You ain't chasing me anywhere.

Kat and Veronica's father

Jarrod : She even know about me?
Kat : What should I say? Dad's in prison. Ex-banger thug?

Vera tries to talk Kat into letting Veronica meet her father

Vera : You know,it's none of my business, but maybe you should let this guy meet his own daughter.
Kat : You're right. It's none of your business.

Kat's cold case

Kid died in my arms. He was 15.

Kat's nosy about Vera's break-up

For a second there,I thought she was the one.

Vera and Kat's banter

- Yeah, single mom, neighbor, pain-in-the-ass kid, the whole package.
- That sounds like me. Except for the neighbor part.
- No offense.

Kat's shooting

- A delightful little addiction I picked up in narcotics.
- Where you got shot.

Vera meets Toni

Officer, I want to report a robbery. Take this down. Suspect is a white man wearing an ugly-assed tie and a bad attitude.


First apparition: Kat Miller is a Narc detective.

Lieutenant Stillman asks Kat Miller to become a homicide detective.
I'm tryin' to quit (smoking)
It seems she has been shot in Fishtown :
Stillman : Ever consider joinin'?
Kat : Homicide? You makin' me an offer?
Stillman : You got reservations? Because of Fishtown?
Kat : You heard about that, huh?
Stillman : Fellow cop gets shot, word gets out.
Kat : Well, anyway, uh, I made my peace with that, it's just some scheduled stuff I gotta look at.
Stillman : Anything I need to know about?
Kat : Nothin' I can't handle.
Stillman : So you'll get back to me.
Kat : Definitely. Thanks Lieutenant.

Kat's first case.
Dresscode's a step up from narcotics. Guess I better shop.

Kat never works on Wednesday night. Her daughter Veronica has ballet.

Kat introduces her mother Dina and her daughter Veronica to Scotty.

Her daughter Veronica is 8 years old in 2006.

Back in 2002, Kat Miller was an undercover cop doing drug buys in North Philly. Skill Jones, 15, died in her arms. The case is re-opened thanks to Kat on its 5th death anniversary.

Glad I was an unwed mother in the '90s, not the '60s.

I was a tomboy when i was little. Used to beat my brothers at arm wrestling.

Jarrod Jones, Veronica's father is after Kat, because he wants to meet his daughter. She refuses.

Vera tries to talk to Kat into letting Veronica meet her father.
Veronica meets her father.

Kat : Haven't been since high school (Mississippi). I have relatives in Jackson. Went every summer growing up.
Kat : Try 17 hours in an old beater with leather seats and no AC. (about the trip between Philly and Jackson)
Jeffries : That's some cruel and unusual family vacation.
Kat : Yeah. Dad always made us stop at this catfish joint. Said it was the best in the state.
Kat : These burrs made a real mess of my hair when I was a kid. Red clay all over my clothes, mud between my toes.
Jeffries : Sounds like a tomboy heaven.

Kat's mom sets her up a blind date with a guy she met at church. First date didn't go well and a drunk Kat calls Scotty for help. Thanks to Scotty's insistence, she calls him for a 2nd date.

Kat Miller has to collaborate with ADA Curtis Bell.

Kat and Will discuss the play "Waiting for Godot".

ADA Curtis Bell invites Kat out on a date.

Kat had her first date with ADA Curtis Bell but nothing happened since then. They share a kiss at the precinct.

Kat Miller is transfered out of Homicide, under the pressure of Deputy Commissioner Patrick Doherty.

Kat is back as a homicide detective, thanks to Stillman.

Kat is still dating ADA Curtis Bell but they both seems to have difficulties to make their busy schedules match. After a misunderstanding, he surprises her with a late date at PPD.

Jarrod Jones has moved back to Philly and wants to share custody of Veronica. Curtis Bell offers his help to Kat as an "attorney", not "boyfriend", but their divergences on the subject set them apart.

Kat tells Curtis that Veronica has been spending every other week-ends at her dad's and that she seems happy.
They seem to re-kindle their relationship.

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